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            Basic trouble shooting tips for Node.js agent

            If you have installed APM Insight Node.js agent and face issues with it, follow the below instructions to troubleshoot your application. 

            1. License key and logs
            • Check whether the correct license key is provided in your application start file.
            • Check agent logs (in the apminsightdata directory where node process is started) for any warning related to network communication. 
            • Check apminsight.json (in the apminsightdata directory where node process is started) file for key "status"- if it is "900", please delete the apminsight.json file and restart the server.
            2. Proxy and Firewall settings
            • If there is a proxy configuration in your server, provide the proxy details in the application start file. Check the help document for details on the same.
            • Check your firewall settings - Site24x7 agent collects and sends data to Site24x7 servers ( via port 443. If your firewall settings blocks connections via these ports, then modify your settings accordingly.
            3. System settings
            • Check whether the app server and Site24x7 account are in the same time zone. To change time zone of your account, go to Admin>My account.
            • If APM instance is not receiving any data, please perform some transactions on your server and check Site24x7 console after a couple of minutes. 

            Updated: 07 Aug 2018 11:06 PM
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