APM Insight agent log paths

APM Insight agent log paths

Folder path to view One agent logs

One agent logs can be found only in the common application folder in Windows (usually under C:\ProgramData from Vista onwards).
Check the following folder path in Windows:

Folder path to view .NET agent logs

.NET agent logs can be found only in the common application folder in Windows (usually under C:\ProgramData\ from Vista onwards, which is a hidden folder).
Check the following folder paths:
For agents v2.3 and above:
For agents below v2.3:
For 64-bit: C:\ProgramData\DotNetAgent\x64\AgentLogs\ 
For 32-bit: C:\ProgramData\DotNetAgent\x86\AgentLogs\

Folder path to view Java agent logs

By default, Java agent logs are created in the same directory where the user placed the JAR agent file. The location of the logs is configurable in the apminsight.conf file.

Folder path to view Ruby agent logs

Ruby agent log files are created in the application's log directory, <APP_HOME>/logs. The location of the logs is configurable in the apminsight.conf file.

Folder path to view PHP agent logs

By default, PHP agent logs are found in the following paths:
  1. Linux: /opt/zpa/logs
  2. Windows (32-bit): C:\Program Files\APM Insight PHP Agent\zpa\logs
  3. Windows (64-bit): C:\Program Files (x86)\APM Insight PHP Agent\zpa\logs
If the agent was installed manually, the agent logs will be created inside the zpa directory of the respective installation. 

Folder path to view Node.js agent logs

By default, Node.js agent logs are created inside the apminsightdata folder, which is located in the current working directory of your application. You can configure your own directory for your agent logs.
Check the following folder path:
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