Autoscaling in APM Insight

How is auto scaling handled by the APM Insight agent?

When applications are scaling up, a request for creating a new instance comes from the agent. Depending upon the license availability, the new instance may be scaled up for monitoring. 

Let's say your license limit allows you to monitor 3 advanced monitors. The following table illustrates the various scenarios w.r.t autoscaling in APM Insight:

Active instance
DOWN instance
Autoscale scenario
All three instances are active.
In this case, a new instance will not be spawned for autoscaling since your license limit is already consumed completely.
Two instances are active

One instance is marked as DOWN
Here, a new instance is spawned by replacing the DOWN instance.
One instance is active
One instance is marked as DOWN
A new instance will be spawned replacing the DOWN instance. After autoscaling, you can accomodate one more active instance in this scenario.

Note: When the instance is in DOWN state for more than ten minutes, it is automatically marked as Suspended. In case, if you had manually suspended your application, even when a new instance spans, it will still be in suspended state, unless changed manually.