Security for Agentless Monitoring

Security for Site24x7 Agentless Server Monitoring

  1. How is performance data sent from the user environment to the Site24x7 Data Center?
    The On-Premise Poller uses a HTTPS connection to send performance data from the user environment to the Site24x7 Data Center.   
  2. Do I need to whitelist any ports/domains to allow access for the agent?
    Yes, whitelist the ports and domains listed in this article to allow access for the agent.
  3. How is server availability calculated?
    The server availability is calculated using the ICMP/TCP protocol.
  4. What data is collected by the On-Premise Poller(s)?
    Performance metrics like CPU, memory, disk usage and network stats are collected by the On-Premise Poller(s) using SNMP (and/or WMI for Windows servers). Additionally, any SNMP OID can be added for monitoring as a custom performance counter. For the complete list of performance metrics, please refer to this article.
  5. How are performance metrics collected?
    The On-Premise Poller collects performance data using SNMP queries (and/or WMI queries for Windows servers). Response time and packet loss are calculated using ICMP/TCP. Learn more.
  6. What details about services and processes are stored in Site24x7?
    The process command line arguments and path are encrypted and stored in Site24x7 for performing service and process monitoring.
  7. What access does Site24x7 need to perform agentless monitoring? 
    1. For the On-Premise Poller to function properly, Admin privileges are required.
    2. SNMP credentials of the servers are required. (SNMP Read credential is mandatory and SNMP Write credential is optional.)
    3. WMI credentials are required for monitoring remote Windows servers using WMI query.
    4. ICMP/TCP reachability from the On-Premise Poller to the target response time and packet loss calculation.
  8. Is configuration data stored by Site24x7?
    Yes, but configuration data like credentials, customer details are encrypted and then stored in Site24x7.
  9. What happens to data collection during an outage or communication failure?
    Users can use the High Availability setup for agentless server monitors to ensure data collection happens even during a communication failure.
    If the communication is lost between the On-Premise Poller and Site24x7 Data Center, the data collection will still continue during that period in the On-Premise Poller and the collected data will be pushed to the Site24x7 Data Center once the communication is established.
  10. When does the Site24x7 agent declare an agentless server monitor as Down?
    1. When there is a server shutdown.
    2. During a delay in restarting the server.
    3. If there is a problem in the network communication of the server.
    4. The device/server is not able to ping from the On-Premise Poller

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