Agent security

FAQs on server monitoring agent security

  1. Does Site24x7 ask for any client server password(s) to perform monitoring?
    No, Site24x7 does not ask for any server password(s) to perform monitoring.
  2. How does Site24x7 monitor availability of server?
    A status information check (heartbeat check) is done every minute by the agent to the Site24x7 Primary Data Center. The server's uptime is decided by how long it's been since Site24x7 received a heartbeat check from the agent running on your server. Learn more .
  3. How is performance data sent from the user environment to the Site24x7 Data Center?
    The server monitoring agent uses a HTTPS connection to send performance data from the user environment to the Site24x7 Data Center.   
  4. Do I need to whitelist any ports/domains to allow access for the agent?
    Yes, whitelist the ports and domains listed in this article to allow access for the agent.
  5. What data is collected by the agent(s)?
    Performance metrics like CPU, memory, disk usage, network stats, processor queue length (for Windows), load average (for Linux) are collected by the agents. For the complete list of performance metrics collected by each of these agent,  refer this article .
  6. How is performance metrics collected by the agent(s)?
    The Windows agent collects performance data using WMI queries, performance counters and few built-in APIs.
    The Linux, FreeBSD, and MacOS agents collect performance data using shell commands like top, free, df, ps etc. For the complete list of performance metrics collected by each of these agent, refer this article .
  7. Does Site24x7 store user's software inventory data?
    Inventory details like the installed softwares for the last 30 days are shown in the Root Cause Analysis (RCA) report .
    Note: But, this data is captured only when the server monitor is in the Down state  during a server downtime .
  8. What details about Windows services and Linux processes are stored in Site24x7?
    The process command line arguments and path are encrypted and stored in Site24x7 for performing service and process monitoring .
  9. When does the Site24x7 agent declare a server monitor as Down?
    Refer to this article to check the scenarios when the agent will declare a server monitor as Down.
  10. Does Site24x7 server monitoring support servers with IPv6 protocols?
    As of now, Site24x7 datacenters do not support data reception from servers running IPv6 protocol. Our server monitoring infrastructure uses IPv4 protocol. Support for IPv6 protocol is under development and will be released shortly.

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