Log retention in Site24x7 AppLogs

How long are my logs retained by Site24x7?

Log retention
Log retention refers to the number of days the collected log data will be stored in Site24x7. This by default is set to 30 days
Site24x7 stores the log data collected for log management for a maximum of 30 days. If you want to increase the retention period, please contact support@site24x7.com.

Customizing log retention period
New log types: You can also customize the log retention period (less than 30 days) by navigating to Admin > AppLogs > Settings > The retention period (in days) for new log types > Choose the days from the drop-down. 
Existing log types: For existing log types, you can change the retention period by editing the log type from Admin > AppLogs > Log Type. Click on your desired log type, edit the number of days against Retention (days), and click Save.
Refer to this documentation to limit log uploads from a specific log type.

AppLogs license
This is the maximum amount of log data that can be uploaded to Site24x7 during a monthly billing cycle. This is calculated according to your subscription and is valid through the monthly billing cycle, after which it gets reset automatically.

Use case
Let's consider the following use case:
Amount of log that can be stored as per monthly billing cycle: 1GB of logs per month
Retention period set: 7 days
Logs uploaded during the retention period set: 400 MB

At the end of day 7 (the retention period you'd set), the logs that you uploaded on day 1 will be removed from your Site24x7 account. This means that you will not be able to perform a search on it.  

In the remaining 21 days of the billing cycle, you can upload a maximum of 600 MB of log data. This is because clearing the logs will only remove them from the storage. The log limit (1GB) does not reset and remains the same until the next billing cycle. 

Hence, you might not be able to upload logs more than 600 MB as your license has already been used up.

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