Understanding event log monitoring

How does the event log monitoring work?

Event log monitoring is crucial to track specific events across all Windows devices in a unified console. Add event log checks to your Windows server and start monitoring them. Watch a quick video to know how to set it up.

When the particular event occurs, then the event log check is turned to "Down" status and an alert will be triggered for the same.

For an event log check, the following are the mandatory fields:
  • Check Name
  • Log Type 
  • Severity Level
With the basic configuration, alerts will be triggered on the first occurrence of the event, based on the configured log type and severity level.

In advanced configuration, the user has to specify the event ID and the number of occurrences the event will occur. For number of occurrences 'n' greater than 1, the timeout period should be mentioned.

For example, if the number of occurrences is set to 2, the Windows server monitoring agent will notify Site24x7 only when the configured event check occurs 2 or more times. This will move the monitor status to trouble. For consecutive events, alerts will not be sent and the monitor status will continue to be in the trouble state. Only when the number of occurrences becomes less than 2, the monitor will be up again and the agent will continue to look for occurrence of the event 2 or more times.
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