APM Insight Node.js agent - Basic Troubleshooting tips

Basic troubleshooting tips for the APM Insight Node.js agent

If you have installed the APM Insight Node.js agent and are facing issues with it, follow the instructions below to troubleshoot your application.

License key and logs

  • Check whether your apminsightnode.json file contains the correct license key (Refer Site24x7 APM Insight page for the correct license key).
  • Check the agent logs (located in the apminsightdata directory where you run the application) for any network communication warnings.

    Corrective action
    Your license has expired, or there has been a delay in bill payments.
    Upgrade your plan.
    The limit on the number of advanced monitors has been reached. Agent communication happens once every 15 minutes, so invalid licenses won't be reflected immediately.
    Ensure you have sufficient advanced monitor licenses and the correct license keys.
    Your application has been marked for deletion (Trying to add a monitor after deleting it in the Site24x7 console).
    Navigate to the apminsightdata folder to delete the apminsight.json file. Delete it and restart the application. (This will recycle the app pools). 
    Your application has been suspended.
    If it is suspended due to autoscaling, it will be activated automatically. If not, please activate it from the site24x7 client.

  • Check the apminsight.json file (located in the apminsightdata directory where you run the application) for the key "status." If it is "900," delete the file and restart the server.
  • apminsightnode.json file should not have any line comments.
    • JSON is a data-only format. JSON does not permit comments of the form //, #, or /* */, which are commonly used in programming languages. You may add comments to JSON as custom JSON elements that will hold your comments, but these elements will still be data.
  • If the apminsightdata folder is not created, check for any console print related to APM Insight. The console print will provide details on how to add an agent. In addition, if an error occurs, it will be printed there.

Proxy and Firewall settings

  • If your server has a proxy configuration, provide the proxy details in the apminsightnode.json file. Check the help document for more information.
  • Check your firewall settings—Site24x7 agent collects and sends data to the Site24x7 servers (plusinsight.site24x7.com) via port 443. If your firewall settings block connections over these ports, modify your settings accordingly.

System settings

  • Check whether the app server and your Site24x7 account are in the same time zone. To change your account's time zone, go to Admin > My Account.
  • If your APM instance is not receiving data, please perform some transactions on your server and check the Site24x7 console after a couple of minutes.

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