Troubleshooting MIB file upload

Troubleshooting MIB file upload issues

Purpose of the MIB browser in Site24x7

A management information base (MIB) browser helps you view the parsed MIB tree of the MIB file. From the MIB tree, you can select any node (or OID) and add it as a performance counter or an SNMP trap on Site24x7. MIB files are not necessary for monitoring the device or for adding performance counters. They are only used to create custom performance counters or SNMP traps

Troubleshooting issues while uploading files on the MIB

Here are some problems that you may face while uploading an MIB file on the MIB browser. Find out what you can do to resolve them. 

File size too large 

If the file size is greater than 1MB, it is too large to be uploaded through the MIB browser. You can directly upload the file on the machine with the On-Premise Poller installed. Navigate to the On-Premise Poller directory and place the file in the \NetworkPlus\mibs folder. 

Dependency missing  

If you see this error, then you need to upload all the dependent MIB files first. To learn what the dependencies are, open the MIB file you need to upload and check for dependencies in the IMPORTS section. 

The On-Premise Poller or Network Module is not running 

Verify that the On-Premise Poller and the Network Module are up and running. 

Error parsing MIB 

The MIB browser is unable to parse the MIB file because the file is corrupted or not valid. Make sure the MIB file is not corrupted and is a valid file.

File format not supported 

‚ÄčThe MIB browser supports only files with the extension .mib. Verify that the file you are trying to upload has this extension.