Troubleshooting steps if the data collection stops

Troubleshooting steps if the data collection stops for a network device

Data collection issues could be due to any of the following reasons:
  1. The On-Premise Poller is Down.
  2. The Network Module is Disabled.
  3. The Network Module is Down or Initializing.
  4. The device hasn't been recently polled.
  5. Unable to fetch proper availability data.
  6. Interfaces are not polling as expected.
Case 1: The On-Premise Poller is Down and/or the Network Module is Disabled.
  1. Go to Admin > On-Premise Poller. Check if the state of the On-Premise Poller is active. If not, activate it.
  2. Check if the status of the On-Premise Poller is up. If it's down, start the On-Premise Poller.
  3. If the Network Module is not enabled, enable it by clicking on the network icon (highlighted in blue in the image below). 

  4. Data collection should resume at the next poll.
  5. If it does not resume, go to the Network tab and click Resync Device from the hamburger icon of the respective device.

  6. Data collection will resume at the next poll. 

Case 2: The Network Module is Down or Initializing

Case 3: The device hasn't been recently polled.
  1. Check if the On-Premise Poller and the Network Module are Up. If not, refer to Case 1 above.
  2. Try restarting the On-Premise Poller, and check if the issue is resolved.
  3. If not, check for connectivity issues between the Site24x7 server and On-Premise Poller.
  4. Try the Resync Device option (refer to Case 1, step 5).
  5. Check if the associated credentials and device templates are right. If not, associate the right ones, and try again. Wait for a few minutes.

Case 4: Unable to fetch the device availability data.
Device availability in Site24x7 is based on the Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) ping response of the respective devices from the server where On-Premise Poller is installed. Availability, packet loss, and response time will be calculated based on this response. 
  1. Check if you are able to ping the device from the machine where On-Premise Poller is installed. 
  2. You can switch to Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) if ICMP is not supported in your network. You can do this by navigating to Network > Network Device, click on the hamburger icon next to your device name, and click Edit. Under Secondary Protocol, choose TCP. Please note that with TCP, you can monitor only availability and response time.

  3. If you can reach the device using any of the above protocols, restart the On-Premise Poller, and check if data is being collected. 
  4. If not, click Resync Device (refer to Case 1, step 5). 

Case 5: Interfaces are not polling as expected.
  1. Any change made to the device may affect Site24x7's monitoring of it. Check if the interfaces that are not polling are removed from the device. 
  2. If found, suspend those interfaces and activate only the right interfaces.
  3. You can use the Rediscover Interfaces option to find the latest interfaces. From the Site24x7 web client, go to Network > Network Devcies, click on the hamburger icon next to your desired device, and click Rediscover Interfaces
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