Kubernetes Not Added

Possible reasons why Kubernetes monitor is not added to Site24x7

  • Check if the option Auto discover applications on the server is set to Yes in Settings (Admin > Server Monitor > Settings). Alternatively, you can also click on Discover Applications in the monitor's Summary page (hover on hamburger icon beside display name > Discover Applications).
  • Ensure proxy is configured correctly. Read our help documentation.
  • Check if the device key has been entered correctly in the YAML file.
  • Only one Site24x7 Linux agent can be installed in a node. If you already have an agent installed in the server, installing it again via Kubernetes will throw an error and not install in the pod. To resolve this issue, uninstall the existing node agent and install as the DaemonSet agent
  • Make sure you have sufficient licensing. Read more about Kubernetes licensing.
  • If the issue persists, access the agent pod and share logs to support@site24x7.com for troubleshooting.