Reasons for not receiving notifications for monitor outages

Why don't I receive notifications for monitor outages while it gets captured in the Log Report?

Monitor Log Report captures a monitor's individual poll data, including all outages. However, during an outage, notifications may not get triggered all the time. Below we've listed a few reasons that may have led to the blockage of alerts during monitor outages:
  1. First and foremost, check if the Add User form has been correctly configured along with the required Alert settings .
    To access this setting, Login to Site24x7 > Access Admin > Users & Alert Management > Users & Alerts > Alert Settings

  2. Check whether you've selected the Don't Alert Me option, by mistake. Uncheck the selection, if you wish to receive alerts.
    Access Admin > Users & Alert Management > Users & Alerts > Alert Settings > Don't Alert Me
  3. Check if you've ample amount of alert credits to receive voice and SMS messages unceasingly during outages. Know the number of email addresses/SMS/phone numbers that can be configured for alerting.
  4. Verify whether you'd configured the Notification Profile settings correctly. You can manage the downtime and persistent notification delays. Learn how downtime notification and persistent notifications works . To access this setting, follow Admin > Configuration profiles > Add Notification Profile .
  5. Also, ensure whether the Downtime Rules were correctly configured in the threshold & availability form or not. You must check if the number of locations to poll before notifying an outage is set as per your need. If not, modify the setting by accessing the following path in the Site24x7 webclient:
    Go to Admin > Configuration profiles > Threshold & Availability > Downtime rules in the Add Threshold Profiles form.

  6. Check your Monitor and Monitor Group Dependency configuration settings. Learn more.
  7. In case of email alerts, check your spam folder .