Troubleshooting steps if the network devices are being discovered as unknown

            A device is listed unknown or shows a configuration error if:
            • A template is not associated
            • The SNMP credential entered is incorrect
            • The device is not responding to SNMP requests

            If a template is not associated (the category is shown unknown), associate an existing default device template with the monitor. In case, you want to create your own custom device template, add a device template and then associate it.

            If the entered credential is incorrect, associate another credential, after testing it.

            If the configuration error persists even after associating a template (the association process requires a minimum of five minutes), the reason could be any of the below.
            1. SNMP port is blocked
            2. There exist firewall blocking requests to that device 
            3. The device does not allow the poller installed machine's IP to access SNMP. 

            Updated: 08 Jan 2018 02:57 PM
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