Troubleshooting for MySQL plugin

Why is my MySQL plugin not getting added to Site24x7?

Agent Requirements:
  1. The Site24x7 Linux monitoring agent version is above 15.0.0
  2. The Site24x7 Linux server monitoring agent should be installed in the network or on the specific host where the MySQL instance is running.
  3. If you are running the plugin in Windows, refer this article to know how to run python scripts in Windows servers.
  4. While adding a plugin, the name of the plugin file and its folder should be identical.
  5. Execute the plugin using the command
    If you get a valid output, try re-registering the plugin from the Site24x7 web client.
Dependency Module:
  1. For Linux: The dependency module 'pymysql' should be correctly installed.
  2. For Windows: Python 3 and python Mysql connecter should be installed in the server where you plan to run the plugin. Know how to add Python to Windows PATH.
  1. Ensure correct login credentials are given. For example, make sure the MySQL database is probably listed on the localhost address or access is given to login via localhost.
Connection Errors:
  1. Test if you are able to connect the MySQL with the specified user. If you are using a password for that user, then edit the password section in the plugin script.
  2. Ensure netstat command is installed to get the socket path. Execute the below command and get the socket path:
    mysqladmin variables | grep socket
    Generally, it would be /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock
    Configure this value for the key : 'MYSQL_SOCKET' in the python script and check if you are able to connect.

If the issue still persists, execute the plugin using the command python and share the output as a screenshot with

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