Manually download and enable the Network Module in an On-Premise Poller

How to manually download and enable the Network Module in an On-Premise Poller

Please follow the steps given below to manually download and enable the Network Module for the On-Premise Poller: 
  1. Stop the On-Premise Poller service.
  2. Ensure that there are no existing processes in the On-Premise Poller .
  3. Check if there is a folder named NetworkPlus in the directory where the On-Premise Poller is installed. If yes, delete it.
  4. Download the Network Module from the URL below:  
  5. Validate the authenticity of the file by downloading the checksum file provided here:
  6. Unzip the downloaded zip file to the On-Premise Poller directory (default location shown below):
    • Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Site24x7OnPremisePoller
    • Linux: /opt/Site24x7OnPremisePoller
    If you're using a Headless Linux server, please use the below commands to extract the files:

    sudo wget
    sudo unzip -d /opt/Site24x7OnPremisePoller

  7. Once extracted, you should see this folder structure:
    • C:\Program Files (x86)\Site24x7OnPremisePoller\NetworkPlus
    • /opt/Site24x7OnPremisePoller/NetworkPlus
  8. Start the On-Premise Poller with root/administrator privileges.
  9. Log in to Site24x7 and navigate to Admin > On-Premise Poller.
  10. Click on the Network icon to enable the Network Module.

  11. Once the Network Module is enabled, you can add a network or network device .
  12. If the Network Module is down, contact  with the following details:
    1. Name of the On-Premise Poller
    2. Logs from the following directories:
      1. Site24x7OnPremisePoller\logs
      2. Site24x7OnPremisePoller\NetworkPlus\logs
Steps to validate the checksum
If you're using Windows 7 or above, use the Certutil or the Get- FileHash utilities to verify the authenticity of the downloaded file by executing either of the commands given below: 
CertUtil -hashfile SHA256
Get-FileHash -Algorithm SHA256 | Format-List 
If you're using Linux, execute the below code on the console to view the checksum value:


On successful execution, you will see that the displayed checksum value exactly matches the checksum file downloaded in step 5 .

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