Prerequisites for supporting On-Premise Poller in Web Transaction (Browser) and Web Page Speed (Browser)

Prerequisites for supporting On-Premise Poller in Web Transaction (Browser) and Web Page Speed (Browser)

Web Transaction (Browser) and Web Page Speed (Browser) are supported in  Linux flavor of On-Premise Poller . The following minimum hardware and software requirements must be extended in order to offer support for On-Premise Poller:

Hardware Requirements:

Operating System
CentOS 7.0 to 7.8 or RHEL 7.x
Minimum RAM required
4 GB
Recommended RAM
8 GB 
HDD Size 
80 GB
CPU Cores
4 core
Processor Speed
2 GHz +

For the configurations mentioned above, it is recommended to add a maximum of 40 Web Transaction (Browser) monitors that have a 5 minute poll interval, with one On-Premise Poller.

Execute the following command in the terminal to install all the required software packages for Web Transaction (Browser) and Web Page Speed (Browser) monitor.

If the above command fails to install the packages, then refer to the following software requirements and install them manually.

Software Requirements:

In addition to the above-mentioned software and hardware requirements, you're also required to ensure the following packages are installed in your system.

For a Web Page Speed (Browser) monitor, download the binary file using wget and move the downloaded package to the /usr/bin directory.

For a web transaction (browser) and web page speed (browser), only the 64-bit version of On-Premise Poller is supported.

Once installed, you would be able to select On-Premise Poller as a location agent in the web page speed (browser), web transaction (browser) recorder tool and also in the web client (Admin > Monitors).

Note: If you are still facing issues after following all the steps mentioned above, kindly go to /etc/hosts  and check if the IPs are in the following order.
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