Prerequisites for starting the Network Module in Windows

What are the prerequisites for running the Network Module in Windows?

To run the Network Module without any glitches, you must have administrator privileges in the system where it is installed. 

Here are the steps to check if you have administrator privileges: 
  1. From your Windows machine, navigate to the On-Premise Poller's installation directory and search for the NetworkPlus folder.
  2. Right-click the NetworkPlus folder and go to the Security tab. 
  3. Validate user permissions as shown in Figure 1.
    1. If you have logged in as an administrator or as a different user who belongs to the Administrators group, select Administrators and verify that all the check boxes in the Allow column are checked.
    2. If you have logged in as a different user but you do not belong to the Administrators group, check with your sysadmin to add your user account to the Administrators group. After this, verify that all the permissions are allowed as mentioned above. 
  4. Click OK.

    Figure 1. Validating user permissions for the NetworkPlus folder in Windows.