Monitor network and system monitoring product for free

Monitor the network and system monitoring product of your company for free

Site24x7 monitors the uptime and integrity of the monitoring product used by your company. Site24x7 provides, what we call, "Free Complement your IT Monitoring", by monitoring your systems management products using a server agent-based approach. 

You have to install a Site24x7 agent on the server running your monitoring solution. This monitors the software development process and services. Other metrics including files, directories, URLs, ports, server uptime, etc. can also be monitored. In case of high usage of CPU or a process/server downtime, Site24x7 will notify you. 

In the Site24x7 web console, you can set up your phone for receiving push notifications, voice calls, SMS, or email alerts

The monitoring is free for an unrestricted number of systems management vendors. Additionally, push notifications on your mobile phone via our mobile app and email alerts remain free. You will only have to pay for the voice calls and SMS alerts after the initial free 10 credits expire (if you need, else the account remains free). Click here to know more on the number of SMS/phone numbers that can be added for receiving alerts

Additionally, if you want to monitor specific applications like Exchange, SQL, and more, use our agent for a full-blown server monitoring service. Click here to know more.