Re-add server monitors based on hostname

Use Case: Map and add a server only based on hostname when re-adding server monitors

Use Case:
Consider deleting and cleaning up virtual machines (VMs) on a daily/monthly basis. This requires the sys admin to re-add the monitors for monitoring by Site24x7. 

Problem Statement:
Since the VMs are deleted and created again, the instance IDs and UUIDs are subject to change. Hence, while adding these servers for monitoring, they are created as new monitors in the Site24x7 web client, thereby losing history of performance data.

Log in to the Site24x7 web client and go to Admin > Server Monitor > Settings. Set the option Map and add a server based on hostname to Yes. This way, when the VMs are re-added, they will get mapped only based on the hostname defined by the sys admin, and not the instance IDs and UUIDs. 
Note: The Settings page can be accessed only by a Super Admin.
Read some FAQs on mapping and adding a server based on hostname option.