How to manually upgrade an On-Premise Poller

How to manually upgrade an On-Premise Poller

You can upgrade an On-Premise Poller directly from the Site24x7 web console by navigating to Admin > On-Premise Poller, clicking the hamburger icon beside an On-Premise Poller, and clicking Upgrade. Learn more. 

If the above method of upgrade fails, try the steps below:
  1. Download the suitable upgrade package:
    Windows: 64 bit | 32 bit
    Linux: 64 bit | 32 bit
  2. Stop the On-Premise Poller.
    Windows: Navigate to Start > Settings > Control Panel. Under Administrative Tools, click Services. You can also navigate to services.msc from Run. Stop the Site24x7 On-Premise Poller service as an administrator.
    Linux: Execute the command sh -force 
  3. Make a backup of the entire installation directory. The installation directory is named Site24x7OnPremisePoller.
    The default directories for installing the On-Premise Poller are as follows:
    Windows: C:\Program Files(x86)\Site24x7OnPremisePoller
    Linux: /opt/Site24x7OnPremisePoller
  4. Extract the downloaded zip file in the root of the On-Premise Poller installation directory mentioned above.
  5. There may be existing files. If you're prompted to overwrite existing files, overwrite them.
  6. If the logs.old directory exists, move the logs directory to the logs.old directory. If the logs.old directory do not exist, rename the logs directory to logs.old directory. This ensures that only the new version's logs are present in the logs directory.
  7. Change the JRE for On-Premise Poller versions below 5.0.0 by renaming the directories, jre to jre.old and jre_latest to jre 
  8. (Optional) If the reports.old directory exists, move the reports directory to the reports.old directory. If the reports.old directory do not exist, rename the reports directory to reports.old directory. On moving, monitoring data pending to be sent to Site24x7 servers will be lost.
  9. Restart the On-Premise Poller.
    Windows: Go to services.msc > start the service SITE24X7_ONPREMISEMONITOR
    Linux: Execute the command sh &
  10. Go to Admin > On-Premise Poller and check if the On-Premise Poller has upgraded. The version number will be specified for each On-Premise Poller beside its name.
Once the On-Premise Poller is restarted, the monitors will start polling. 

Suspend the existing On-Premise Poller and upgrade to suppress the alerts displayed when On-Premise Pollers are Down.

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