Prerequisites for installing the Java agent

Prerequisites for Java agent installation

For a smooth Java agent installation, ensure that you've fulfilled the following prerequisites.
  1. The environment should have Java version 8 or above installed.
  2. The application user should have full permissions over the agent directory.
  3. The server hosting the application should have internet connectivity, either directly or via a proxy server.
  4. Make sure to whitelist the ports and IPs, as outlined in this document, for the agent to communicate with the Site24x7 server.
  5. Please verify the reachability from your environment to the Site24x7 endpoint by executing the following command.

    For Linux:

    For Windows:
    Invoke-WebRequest -Uri '' -UseBasicParsing

    Replace the domain(.com) with the URL that you use to access Site24x7.
Please keep in mind that installing the Java agent requires restarting your application server.