Analyze credential issues for SNMP v3 request

How to share the SNMP v3 request logs to analyze credential issues

The Site24x7 support team is available to assist you with solving SNMP v3 request credential issues. To troubleshoot the issue, we need you to capture SNMP v3 request logs data and send it to us. This article describes the process to capture this data.

Get started by checking the SNMP reachability using a MIB browser and send an SNMP v3 request. You can share the SNMP v3 request logs via two methods:
  1. Using Wireshark.

  2. Using MIB browser debug logs.

Capture using Wireshark

Verify if SNMP v3 requests are received by Site24x7 On-Premise Poller using the steps below:

  1. Install the latest version of Wireshark.

    1. For Windows, download from Wireshark's official website.

    2. For Linux, install using the command apt install wireshark.

2. Run Wireshark with admin/root privileges.

3. Select all the required interfaces and double-click, press Enter, or right-click to Start Capture.

4. Send SNMP v3 request from the MIB browser after starting the capture.

5.  Test the device credentials so that the request logs are captured in Wireshark.

6.  Filter the flows by entering snmp and destination IP/host name, and click Enter.

7. Stop the capture after sending the SNMP v3 request and click File > Save. Save the data captured using Wireshark and send it to us to troubleshoot further.

Capture using MIB browser debug logs 
1. Click the debug icon on the MIB browser.

2. Once the debug pop-up displays, send the SNMP v3 request with the debug logs to the target device.

3. Click the SNMP Decoder icon, the third icon in the display, on the pop-up and share the output. The output will look similar to the screenshot below.

4. Copy the debug logs from the pop-up to a file and share them with us.

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