Basic and advanced monitor count calculation in Site24x7 web client

How is the basic and advanced monitor count calculated in the Site24x7 web client?

Site24x7 licensing and pricing works based on the type of monitor. Monitors are classified as basic and advanced monitors. For example, a server is a monitor type that is charged as one basic monitor, that includes more than 50 performance metrics including the CPU, memory, disk usage, services, processes, syslogs, URLs, ports, files, directories and more at no additional cost.
The monitors in your Site24x7 account can be viewed based on basic and advanced monitor categories. Learn more.
For some monitor types, this calculation varies:

Monitor Type
Calculation based on
Plugin Integrations
The first plugin added for a server monitor is free. After that, each plugin monitor is considered as a basic monitor. Learn more.
APM Insight
The count is displayed based on the number of instances monitored.*
Heartbeat Monitoring
25 heartbeat monitors is one basic monitor.
Cron Monitoring
25 cron monitors is one basic monitor.
Brand Reputation Monitoring
10 URLs is one basic monitor.
Real-time Blacklist Monitoring
10 Host names/IP addresses is one basic monitor.
REST API Transaction Monitoring
25 URL endpoints is one basic monitor.
*Since the count is based on the number of instances monitored, the filtering will not show the applications.