Troubleshooting data collection issues while using SNMP v3 credentials

Troubleshooting data collection issues while using SNMP v3 credentials

When data collection stops, check:
  1. If data collection has stopped for only a particular device or for all devices.
  2. If any out of memory (OOM) files are present in the following folder:
    {poller directory}/NetworkPlus/bin folder
  3. The credential settings. You can also edit and save your credentials that you've added in Site24x7. 
  4. The MIB browser response or SNMPWALK for the OIDs using that credential. 

Issue 1: Device discovered as unknown when SNMP v3 credentials are used

  1. Check if the device has the right credentials associated with it.
  2. Check the SNMP reachability using MIB browser
  3. Some devices may not follow Requests for Comments (RFC) standards. Site24x7 strictly follows them. So you might experience issues with devices that don't follow RFC standards like Dell UPS, APC UPS.
  4. Check if any context name is configured at the device end. Some devices strictly need context name configuration.
  5. For Network and Device Discovery select only one working credential and not all SNMP credentials.

Issue 2: SNMP polling is not happening for SNMP v3 devices

  1. Check whether the given credential is correct. Check SNMP reachability using MIB browser and not with the Test Credential.
  2. Check whether the agent responds to that OID when the SNMP v3 credential is used.
  3. Try associating the credential again.
  4. Context Name or SNMP View can be configured at the device end for that particular OID MIB's subtree. The context name should be configured in the credential.
  5. Check for SNMP timeout configurations.

Issue 3: SNMP polling is happening for the first time only after deleting and readding the device

  1. From the Site24x7 web console, navigate to Network > Network Devices, and click on the hamburger icon next to the desired device. Click Resync Device.

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