Outage scenarios for server monitors

Possible outage scenarios and their troubleshooting steps for a server monitor

The following table list the possible outage scenarios and steps to resolve them:

Possible ScenariosTroubleshooting Steps
The server was never up since installing the agent.Try using a proxy to connect to the internet. Learn how to set a proxy for a Windows, Linux and FreeBSD agent. If the server doesn't show up in the Site24x7 client, troubleshoot using these steps.
If the required ports and domains to facilitate communication between your server and the Site24x7 central server are blocked by firewall.Click here to know the specific ports and domains.
If your antivirus software blocks communication to the server monitoring agent.Unblock the required domains and ports to facilitate communication. Exclude our server monitoring agent directory from the Antivirus software by considering Site24x7 as a trusted application.
Network FailureEnsure that you have your network communication properly set up. Check network connectivity for Windows.