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            Why do I observe a spike in my website response time?

            Response time is a combination of DNS time, connection time, SSL Handshake time (for HTTPS) and  download time. Spikes in response time could be due to increase in DNS  time or connection time or download time. Some factors to consider:
            • In case of increase in  DNS time, one way of resolving this is by configuring the option  "Resolve IP Address from Domain name server" in our client
            • Increase in connection time may be due to ​an ISP routing problem specific to a monitoring location
            • If the first/last byte time increases, ​it may be due to some bandwidth or network issue
            • Increase in first byte/last byte time may be due to the following reasons:
              • Server may take some time to respond
              • Server throughput may be low
              • There may be more of response content transfer
              • ISP routing may create multiple hops
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            Updated: 07 Nov 2017 08:25 PM
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