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            What is the file 'S247WinCommunincationExt.exe' that is found in the Windows agent installation folder?

            Site24x7 server monitoring uses TLS version 1.2 for client-server data communication. If your server does not support TLS version 1.2 by default, then a Python-based file, S247WinCommunincationExt.exe, is downloaded automatically with which the Windows server monitoring agent will communicate using TLS version 1.2 

            This is a legitimate file used for communication. If you do not wish to communicate using this file, upgrade your servers to TLS version 1.2 and check if is accessible from IE. 

            Note: For Windows versions 2003 and 2008, this file will be used by default for communication since they do not support TLS version 1.2

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            Updated: 05 Mar 2019 03:55 PM
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