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            Root Cause Analysis Report

            Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is a detailed analysis of a particular downtime instance to identify what caused the downtime. This information is not usually available in a conventional 'down' alert email or message. RCA will help you to zero-in on the actual reason of what triggered a downtime using DNS reports (dig), ping, traceroute, and screenshots. RCA reports are usually triggered for all Internet-facing DOWN monitors except, SSL/TLS Certificate, Domain Expiry, and Website Defacement Monitor. For Website, REST API and REST API Transaction Monitors, RCA report will be generated even for a Trouble alert. 

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            When Site24x7 detects a downtime and a recheck confirms the same, Root Cause Analysis will be triggered. RCA uses web page screenshots at the time of the error, ping output, DNS analysis reports, web page content snapshot at the time of error and traceroute and MTR to arrive at a final conclusion of what actually happened. 

            Root Cause Analysis from Site24x7 entails the following:
            • HTTP request headers for all HTTP errors.
            • DNS analysis for all downtime errors.
            • Downtime screenshots for website and web page analyzer monitor to see the exact error returned.
            • Perform a ping to the server to check server availability.
            • TCP Trace route to the server to check network connectivity.
            • ICMP based Traceroute for Ping Monitor
            • MTR report (combination of Ping and Traceroute) 
            • HTML response for all content mismatch errors.
            • Uses event logs, crash reports, CPU, memory, and disk utilization, and processes to give you an in-depth analysis of what caused your server to go down.

            Updated: 29 Nov 2017 07:11 PM
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