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            Alert Credits

            Alert Credits enable you to purchase SMS and Voice credits as part of a single package. To know the number of SMS/phone numbers that can be added for alerts, please refer here.

            The alert credits under an Alert Pack are valid for both SMS and Voice alerts and will be charged based on the usage of your SMS or Voice alerts. 

            1 SMS = 1 credit

            1 Voice alert in US /Canada = 1 credit

            1 Voice alert outside US = 2 credits

            Based on your subscribed pack, alert credits will be added to your account month-on-month. In addition, you will also be able to purchase additional alert credits as per your need. However, any unused credit (including purchased alert credits) will not be carried over to the next month. Site24x7 doesn't discriminate between the topped up monthly alert credits and the purchased alert credits. They both go into the same alert credits pool. Every month, Site24x7 tops-up the remaining alert credits, if the alert credits are below the monthly quota offered.

            Use case:

            If you are a Site24x7 business pack user, you'll be initially allotted 200 alert credits while upgrading to this pack. Assume at the end of the month, you've used 100 credits for this month and you still have another free 100 credits in your account. Site24x7 will auto add 100 more free alert credits to your account, so as to make the count 200 for the next month. This is a recurring process month-on-month.

            For this month, if you've exhausted your free 200 credits, you can purchase additional add-ons as per your requirement. Let's assume you've purchased additional 100 credits after you've exhausted your free credits for the month. However, you were only able to use 50 credits out of the 100 paid credits at the end of the month.  In this case, your remaining 50 alert credits from the previous month will be added to the next month's free credits. Hence, you'll have 150 free credits added to your account on top of your 50 paid alert credits making it 200 alert credits for the month.

            Updated: 28 Jun 2016 04:51 PM
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