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            Services that are installed by the Windows server monitoring agent

            Please note that based on the installation, the Site24x7 Windows server agent will have all/some of the below services:

            1. Site24x7 Windows Server Agent

            This is the main service that monitors the server availability and performance and posts the data to Site24x7. All data for server monitoring is fetched and sent through this agent service. In case the agent stops or if the service is unable to communicate with Site24x7, the server is identified as DOWN with the below message:
            "Agent service <Hostname> could not establish communication with the server. Please check if there is a problem with the network communication. This could also happen if the agent service or the host itself is down."

            Click here to know how to add a Windows server.

            2. Site24x7 Agent Helper

            This is more of a 'Watchdog' service, that monitors the Site24x7 Windows Server Agent service and its resource consumption to make sure it is up and running. This will be running always and should not be stopped by the user. 

            3. Site24x7 Plugin Agent

            This service is not installed by default. This will be installed and started only when the user adds a custom plugin to a server monitor. The purpose of this agent is to execute the plugins created by the user and send data to Site24x7 through the Site24x7 Windows Server Agent service.  Click here to know how to add custom plugins.

            4. Site24x7 App Agent

            This service is not installed by default. This is installed only when Microsoft applications such as IIS, SQL, Hyper-V, SharePoint, or Exchange is installed on the server. The purpose of this service is to monitor the availability of the installed applications and send performance data to Site24x7 using the Site24x7 Windows Server Agent service. Click here to know how to add Windows applications.

            5. Site24x7 Applogs Agent

            This service is installed automatically if there is a Site24x7 server monitoring agent. Once the AppLogs agent is installed in your server, it will automatically discover all the application logs natively supported by Site24x7. Once the logs are discovered, you can choose the logs that you wish to manage. Learn more.

            Note: For all these services, ensure your antivirus does not scan/block the Windows server/plugin/app agent, as this will affect the performance of the agent.

            Updated: 14 Mar 2019 05:11 PM
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