How to test if Site24x7 On-Premise Poller is receiving traps?

            You can view the traps that are received by Site24x7 On-Premise Poller using the MIB browser.
            1. Stop the On-Premise Poller.
            2. Open the Command Prompt as an administrator. From the administrator Command Prompt, go to the directory where the On-Premise Poller is installed.
            3. Then navigate to ../Site24x7OnPremisePoller/Network/bin folder.
            4. Execute the or MibBrowser.bat file.
            5. Click View > TrapViewer.
            6. Deselect Authenticate v1/v2c traps.
            7. Set the port as 162 and click Start.
            You can view the received traps listed in the TrapViewer.

            Troubleshooting steps if the traps are not received:
            • If you receive the error message "Not Listening for Traps, Port(s) already in use." in the TrapViewer, your port might be occupied by an other process. Please free the port and try again.
            • Check if the device is added in Site24x7 for monitoring and is in an active state.
            • Verify the configuration in your network device.
            • Make sure that the port 162 is not blocked by firewall.

            If you're not receiving the traps yet, then zip the On-Premise Poller logs folder and contact

            Updated: 08 Nov 2018 11:02 PM
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