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            Associating End-Customers with your MSP Customer Account.

            You can associate all your end-customers with your MSP Customer account by assigning unique roles and privileges to them. There are four different User Roles that you can assign to an end-customer:
            • Read/Write: Provide seamless read and write admin access to specific modules in the customer account via the default Site24x7 web client. This role is similar to the Site24x7 Admin role.
            • Operator: Offer the ability to schedule, edit or delete a new maintenance window created by yourself, until a Super Admin role modifies it. However, the role will not have any privilege to modify maintenance windows created by other user roles. This role will also enable the addition/updating of outage comments posted by the operator himself. Additionally, this role gives you read only permissions to most other modules in your account.
            • Hosting Provider: Offer seamless read access to specific modules and write access (create/edit/delete maintenance window scheduled by the user himself) via the default Site24x7 web client. This role is similar to the Site24x7 Hosting Provider role.
            • Read Only: Enable your end-customer to access the read-only modules in customer accounts via the white-labeled 
            • No Access: Your end-customer will only receive alert notifications (Email, SMS, and Phone) during monitor outages. Access to the Site24x7 web client/ white-labeled control panel will not be provided, though.
            The Read/Write, Operator, and Hosting Provider roles will only be able to access the default Site24x7 web client (supports Company Name and Logo white-labeling), and not the white-labeled control panel (supports URL, Company Name, and Logo white-labeling). However, if you want to enable access to the white-labeled control panel, you can invite the user to the Read Only role; else, follow the instructions given in this article. 

            Follow the steps below to invite an end-customer to join your MSP Customer Account:
            1. Sign in to the MSP control panel and access the Customer Account from the Home dashboard. 
            2. In the Customer control panel, navigate to Admin > User & Alert Management > User & Alerts > Add User.
            3. You'll be prompted with an "Add User" form. Provide the relevant details like Contact Name, Email, Mobile Number, Alerting details and Alert settings.
            4. You must specify the User Role by picking the relevant role from the drop-down.
            5. Click Save to associate the end-customer with your MSP Customer Account.
            Note: You cannot find the User Role selector field in the Edit User form. 

            The User Role field will not be available in the Add User form for the MSP Customer, by default. The default Add User form will be submitted with the Read Only role (which supports access via a white-labeled 
            control panel.) If you want to enable this User Role drop-down field, please contact Site24x7 Support.

            Updated: 26 Feb 2018 02:10 AM
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