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            Retainment of performance data across Site24x7 monitors

            The performance data from the different monitors are stored for the following time period:
            • RAW data for every poll (based on your configured check frequency) will be stored for the last one month. However, for Custom time period the hourly data will be stored, by default.
            • The hourly average data is retained for last 1 year.
            • The daily average performance data is retained for the last 5 years

            The above-stored data will be used by Site24x7's reporting engine to display performance reports. To view the performance reports for the relevant time period, follow the steps below:

            • Log in to Site24x7 and navigate to the Reports tab.
            • Select the appropriate Report type (like the Performance report)
            • Specify the requisite Time Period to view the report for that time. You can select the Custom Period option to generate a report for the selected date range.

            The data retention period listed above is uniform across all Site24x7 monitors.

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            Updated: 13 Feb 2019 02:39 PM
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