How do I exclude some interfaces from being monitored while adding a network?

            While adding a network for monitoring, you are allowed to create a network discovery rule that lets you set up interface filters. Here, you are allowed to define the following parameters:


            - Interface type

            - Admin state(up, down, testing)

            - Operational state(up, down, testing, dormant, unknown)


            While the network/device is being discovered and added, the interfaces that comply with the network discovery rule will automatically be added for monitoring. You can create a new rule every time you add a network or device, or select from any of the existing ones. This way, you can choose to monitor only the interfaces that are necessary and exclude the others.


            To add the interfaces that do not conform to the discovery rule selected, you can use the rediscover option (Network > Click on the hamburger icon on the right corner of the chosen monitor> rediscover interfaces).

            You can also change the discovery rule associated with a monitor in order to discover more interfaces. Image given below for reference.

            Updated: 10 Feb 2019 01:14 PM
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