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            Getting data for custom time periods in Real User Monitoring

            Site24x7 Real User Monitoring (RUM) now allows you to get stats for custom time periods. All you need to do is define the time period for which you need the data and our dashboard will show metrics only for the period you have defined.

            The time periods that you can choose from are:
            • Last 1 hour
            • Last 6 hours
            • Last 12 hours
            • Last 1 day
            • Today
            • Yesterday
            • This week (sun - today)
            • Last week (sun - sat)
            • Last 7 days
            • This month
            • Last 30 days
            • Custom date
            • Custom period

            You need to specify the start and end dates for Custom period option.

            Updated: 05 Oct 2016 07:07 PM
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