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            Custom Dashboard Performance and Current Status widgets — Monitors and their supported child entities

            Your Custom Dashboard's Performance and Current Status widgets support the following set of child entities for the below set of monitor types.

            Performance Widget:

            Monitor Type
            Child Entity
            Web Transaction (Browser)
            Step URL
            Web Transaction
            Step URL
            Server Monitor
            Network, Processes, Disks, CPU Cores
            Microsoft IIS Server
            Application Pools, Applications
            Microsoft Hyper-V Server
            VM Details, Virtual Network Adapters, Virtual Switches, Legacy Network Adapters, Virtual Storage Devices, Virtual IDE Controllers
            Microsoft SharePoint Server
            Content DB
            Microsoft SQL Server
            Backup Devices, Databases, Publications
            Microsoft Office
            Microsoft Failover Cluster
            Nodes, Resource Types, Disks
            Application Load Balancer
            Target Groups
            Network Load Balancer
            Target Groups
            Elastic Beanstalk Environment
            Monitored Resources
            Kinesis Analytics Application
            Data Stream Destination
            VPC-VPN Connection
            API Gateway Resource
            ECS Cluster
            Services, Container Instances
            VMware ESX/ESXi Server
            Networks, Disks, CPU Cores
            VMware VM
            Guest Disks, Disks, Networks
            Resource Pool
            Virtual Machine
            Network Device
            Performance Counters, Interfaces
            EC2 Instance

            Current Status Widget

            Monitor Type
            Child Entity
            Network Device
            Traps, Interfaces
            Server Monitor
            Network, Processes, Disks, CPU Core

            Updated: 22 Feb 2019 03:13 PM
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