Windows Service Monitoring - FAQ

FAQs related to Windows Service monitoring

After installing APM Insight Windows service monitoring agent , if you don't see data in the Site24x7 console, or if you are unable to add monitors, kindly follow the below given steps to troubleshoot.

  1. If few monitors are not getting added:
  • Check for corresponding Windows service in the APM Insight .NET agent configuration tool  >Windows services tab.
  • Select the windows services that you want to monitor.
  • Click Save. 
  • Restart the selected Windows Services.
  • Check for data in Site24x7 console. 
  1. If all monitors are not getting added:
  • Check your machine for any internet proxy configurations .
  • If you have any proxy configured, add the proxy details in the.NET agent configuration tool> Agent Edit Configuration .
  • Restart the agent service and perform transactions.
  • If the monitors are not listed, check the health monitor tool and share the diagnostic zip file with
  1. No data in Windows Service monitor
  • By default, only the framework methods like OnStart, OnStop for the windows service process are instrumented. You can use Custom Instrumentation to track more methods in your windows service process. 
  1. Trace is not getting collected
  • Traces will be collected when the transactions response time/execution time exceeds the transaction tracing threshold.
  • By default, the transaction tracing threshold will be 2 secs. 
  • Reduce it to some minimal value to collect more traces.