Troubleshooting APM Insight .NET agent

Troubleshooting steps for the error message in the "Edit Configuration" dialog in the .NET agent during its launch or while saving it

The settings dialog requires read/write permissions for the following directories,
  •     APM Insight .NET agent installation path and all sub directories
  •     %WINDIR%\ProgramData\DotnetAgent\ and all sub directories
For Windows server 2003, the corresponding path will be in %WINDIR%\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\DotNetAgent\
  •     IIS application directories and their respective web.config file
Kindly check if the current user has access to all these directories. If the issue still persists, launch the dialog as an Administrator.

Right click on the dialog box > Select Run as Administrator

Note: Whenever an error occurs, it will be captured in the Errors Dialog, the link to which will be at the bottom of the Settings dialog