Process DOWN, when it is actually UP

Why does Site24x7 mark a process to the DOWN state, when it is actually running (UP) in my server?

Site24x7 process monitoring is done by comparing the process arguments that are running in the user server and the one configured in Site24x7. In case there is a change in the process arguments, the process will be marked as DOWN in the Site24x7 web client. You can check for a mismatch by either of the following ways:
  • Log in to Site24x7 and go to Server > Server Monitor > Servers > click on the server monitor > Processes > Discover Processes > check if there is a mismatch in the process arguments.

  • Execute the following command in your terminal and compare the arguments. Check for any mismatch. 
    ps auxxwww | grep -i <process_name>
Troubleshooting Tip:
In order to avoid this mismatch, enable Regular Expressions (RegEx) to describe process arguments.