Troubleshooting steps to display IIS apps | APM Insight .NET agent

Troubleshooting steps when the "App Filters" tab in the ''Edit Configuration" dialog doesn't show any IIS application

The settings dialog requires read permissions for IIS applications and read/write access for their respective "web.config" file. Kindly check the permission settings of the current user for the following files:
  •     web.config, in web application's folder
  •     applicationHost.config and redirection.config, typically found in "%WinDir%\system32\inetsrv\config" folder
When there are errors in load/save, a link "Click here to view errors" will show up at the bottom of the Settings window. Clicking this launches a dialog that lists all the errors encountered in the "Edit Configuration" dialog. The same information is logged in the AgentLogs folder (in %WINDIR%ProgramData\DotNetAgent †).