Polling in Site24x7

What is Polling in Site24x7?

Site24x7 captures the uptime and critical performance status of your websites, servers, and web applications. To achieve this, Site24x7 persistently checks the availability and collects relevant performance data from your monitored resources at pre-configured check frequencies specified by you. This entire activity is called Polling. 

Polling primarily involves two steps:
  • Availability status checks: Status represents the health of the monitor based on the HTTP resolution. The status is reflected by a unique color code: Green for Available, Red for Down, Golden Yellow for Trouble, Orange for Critical, and Dark Blue for Configuration Error.
  • Available: Normal state
  • Down: When there is an outage due to a lost connection or other issues.
  • Trouble: potential, but not a critical issue, this is primarily as a result of any content check failures or threshold breaches.
  • Critical: For events that could result in an eminent outage.
  • Configuration Error: The monitored resource was not set-up correctly
  • Performance Data Collection: During data collection, critical performance parameters of your monitors like response time, memory & CPU utilization, and more are fetched and pushed to Site24x7's servers. The data is then displayed as tabular and graphical reports in Site24x7 web client. No other sensitive data are captured and pushed to Site24x7 servers during the data collection.

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