What is a device template?

Where can I use device templates?

Device Templates can serve as your helping hand in many ways. Let us consider a few use cases.
  1. Let us assume that you are interested in monitoring a Cisco 2505 router and Site24x7 already has a default template for Cisco 2500 series with few sysOIDs of this series updated in it. All you need to do is just edit this template to include the sysOID of Cisco 2505 router and begin your discovery.
  2. In case you own a QNAP Network Storage Device and Site24x7 is yet to have a template for that, feel free to create one of your own. This new custom template can be associated with similar devices.
  3. Consider that you have the latest printer for which the performance counter 'number of pages printed per minute' is monitored by default. Here, you can include new performance counters like 'amount of ink in the cartridge' as per your requirements and pursue monitoring.
  4. A mathematical expression of OIDs can also be given as input in the SNMP OID field. For instance, let us assume monitoring the memory utilization(in percentage) of a Cisco router. The memory utilization value can be obtained from the mathematical expression  (A*100)/(A+B).
  5. where,
    A = . (Indicates the number of bytes from the memory pool that are currently in use by applications on the managed device.)
    B = . (Indicates the number of bytes from the memory pool that are currently unused on the managed device for the processor.)
    The final expression works in this fashion.
  6. For instance, you want to monitor the In Octets of all the interfaces in your network device. Here, you can use tabular performance counters to add all the instances of a tabular object automatically once you've added a single tabular OID. For example, after you've added the tabular OID of In Octets, the In Octets of all interfaces will be displayed in the table.
  7. If you want to view custom monitoring metrics for CPU Utilization, Memory Utilization, or Hardware Details on the Device Performance page, then you can configure them using device templates.