Deleting a configuration profile or third-party integration.

What happens when I delete a configuration profile or third party integration from one or more of my customer accounts?

Configuration profiles like threshold, notification, location profiles, and email templates and third party integrations can be set at the MSP account level and for each of your customer accounts. Similarly, deleting these profiles also depends on the account level that you created - configuration profiles created at the MSP account level can be deleted only at the MSP account level.

For example, a user tries to delete a threshold profile (created at the MSP account level), through a customer account, Zylker. When this threshold profile is edited at the MSP account level, the profile and the updated changes would reflect in the customer account, Zylker, again.

To permanently delete a profile created at the MSP account level,
  1. Log in to the Site24x7 MSP portal. 
  2. Go to Admin > Configuration Profiles > select the type of configuration profile (threshold, location, notification profiles, email templates).
  3. Click on the profile to be deleted > Delete.  
When a profile is deleted at the MSP account level, it will be automatically deleted from all the customer accounts. But if the profile is mapped to any monitor(s), it will remain unaltered in that particular customer account.

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