Upgrade/downgrade servers

What happens to your server monitor if you upgrade/downgrade your pack?

Let us look at two different scenarios to see what would happen to your free monitors when your pack is upgraded/downgraded. 

Use Case:
A customer has 10 servers and starts off by using the Free pack, then decides to move to a paid pack.

Upgrading from Free pack to PRO INFRA pack:
Five of these servers will already be monitored for availability and uptime while the rest five would be in suspended state. On upgrading to the PRO INFRA pack, five of the original servers which had availability monitoring will have full monitoring capabilities while the rest five would be kept in suspended state.

Downgrading from PRO INFRA pack to Free pack:
Similarly, if the customer does not renew their pack, then the five servers they were monitoring would once again be monitored only for availability and uptime while the remaining five would be in the suspended state.
NOTE: Even though the decision of which server is to be given full monitoring/availability monitoring/suspended state is taken randomly, the user can later change the server allocation as per their needs from the dashboard.

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