Metrics for one basic server monitor

What do I get for one basic server monitor added?

Each server (irrespective of CPU/RAM) is a Basic Monitor. For every server monitor added, the following will be included:
  1. One minute polling frequency
  2. Server uptime with special false alert protection
  3. More than 60 performance metrics including CPU, memory, load average
  4. Disk partition details (a split-up of used and free disk space) & usage forecasting
  5. Network stats including bandwidth utilization, error packets, input and output traffic, packets sent and received
  6. 20 resource checks including event logs, syslogs, files, directories, URLs, and ports
  7. 10 Windows Services
  8. 10 Processes
  9. One plugin integration (like MySQL, Cassandra, Tomcat) with 25 attributes. Learn more.
  10. 10+ IT Automation tools for automatic fault resolution
  11. Third party integrations like Slack, PagerDuty, Zapier and more.
  12. Detailed root cause analysis (RCA) for every server downtime
  13. Performance reports including agent inventory, disk partition, and network adapter reports. 
  14. Inventory, Health and Custom dashboards
  15. Mobile app support to start/stop services or receive push notifications
For a single Site24x7 account, you get: 
  1. 500 MB logs
  2. 50 SMS/voice credits per month
The Site24x7 server monitoring agent, once installed, will auto-discover and install applications including SQL, IIS, Exchange, Active Directory, Docker, and more. Applications like IIS, Windows Backup can be added as a basic monitor add-on and applications like Active Directory, SQL, Exchange, SharePoint etc. can be added as an advanced monitor add-on. View the full list of basic and advanced monitors

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