Dependency modules for plugins

What are the dependency modules to be installed while adding a plugin?

Please find below the list of plugins with their required dependency modules:
  • MySQL - pymysql
  • Redis - redis
  • Postgres - psycopg2
  • Memcached - memcached
  • MongoDB - pymongo
  • DB2 - ibm_db
  • StatsD - statsd
  • iNode - psutil
  • Twilio - twilio
  • Supervisord - supervisor
  • RabbitMQ - Management Plugin
How will I know if the module is installed properly?
While adding a plugin, if you get the error message "<Module not installed>", it means the dependency module is not present or the installed module is damaged.
Please install the required module and restart the server agent. In the next data collection, your plugin monitor would be added to your Site24x7 account.

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