Customize and view data

View customized data in Server Monitoring

Site24x7 Server monitoring gives the option to customize the data based on your need. You can view and compare all your stats including CPU utilization, system load, memory utilization, free physical memory, free swap memory to dig deeper into your server's performance. Customizable graphs can also be created for a specific time period and parameters to be compared.

Create your own customized views based on:
  • Memory - free/used, memory pages/utilization
  • Disk - overall/individual utilization, Disk I/O
  • CPU - Utilization by JVM/by cores, interrupts, and context switches
To create a custom view, 
  1. Log in and navigate to Server > click on any of the monitors listed
  2. Go to More > Add Custom Tab

  3. Give a display name and select the parameters that you want to be displayed
  4. Save your preferences
  5. Your custom report will be listed on the dashboard