Verifying the license key for a .NET application

How to verify the license key for a .NET application

Problem Statement: The APM Insight .NET monitor is not created in the Site24x7 web client because of an empty or invalid license key.
Prerequisite: The Site24x7 APM Insight .NET agent should be installed.

Steps to verify the license key
  1. Navigate to the system Start > Edit APM Insight .NET Agent Configuration tool.
  2. On the General tab, verify the License Key:
    1. If the License Key field is empty, copy and paste the license key from the Site24x7 web client.
    2. If the monitor is not created even after pasting the license key, check if it was pasted twice or if an extra character was added to it.
    3. If your .NET monitor is still not created, verify that the license key you provided is correct for the corresponding Site24x7 account.
  3. Once you provide the correct license key, click Save.
  4. Restart your application and make some transactions.
  5. Once the application is up and receiving requests, you can view the monitor under APM > APM Insight Applications.
Here's a quick video on how to verify the license key for a .NET application.

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