Uninstall Site24x7's Windows Server Monitoring Agent

How to uninstall the Site24x7 Windows Server Monitoring Agent

Method 1:

  1. To uninstall the Site24x7 Windows Server Monitoring Agent, click the link below: https://staticdownloads.site24x7.com/server/Site24x7WindowsAgentUninstall.zip

  2. Unzip and execute the Uninstall.bat file in the Command Prompt as an administrator.


Method 2:

You can also execute the following script in the Command Prompt as an administrator:

 MsiExec.exe /X{0C16B7BE-0473-4345-B182-E61A209699D4} /quiet 

By doing so, you can uninstall your Site24x7 Windows Server Monitoring Agent.

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