Why am I unable to see my Kubernetes resources on the Monitor Status listing page?

Unable to see my Kubernetes resources on the monitor list page

This case is applicable if your Kubernetes resource monitors are listed in the Kubernetes Monitor List View page instead of Monitor Status listing (Home) page.

Site24x7 will not list the Kubernetes resources along with the other monitors on the home page (Monitor Status list view page).

The reason: 
Considering the ongoing input from our customers about the cluttering and spamming of the Monitor Status page, we have chosen to conceal specific monitors from the list page. This has considerably improved page performance and load times. 

How to access the unlisted monitors?

You can access these unlisted monitors by clicking on Server > Kubernetes and then clicking on the respective cluster.

Below, you can utilize the datacenter-specific URLs to access all your Kubernetes resources.







If you are still unable to view your Kubernetes resources, please get in touch with support@site24x7.com.